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All photos are courtesy of Bud and Margie Poulson, Marge Farrow; All Rights Reserved.

The pages of James Lackey's diary are provided by his family; All Rights Reserved. Please contact Carol Cole for information at:

The pages of Milton McCracken's Diary provided by the family. The letters between Harry McCracken and those at home are also provided by the family.  Please contact the family for more information at:

McCracken, Milton, (1996, February 6), Milton McCracken's WWII History, (Weimer, H., Interviewer).

Gampel, Stan, (2010, December 19-22), Stan Gampel's WWII History, Nesbitt, Lucy, Interviewer

Gampel, Stan, (2013, April 3-4), Stan Gampel's WWII History, Nesbitt, Lucy & Cole, Carol, Interviewers

McCracken, Harry & Anna, (2012, August 3), Harry and Anna's WWII History, Nesbitt, Lucy, Interviewer

Picture of Tank in Liberation of Moosburg, USAFA, McDermott Library, Stalag Luft III Collections.
All drawings of Stalag Luft III, and the marches done by:
Neary, Bob, Stalag Luft III, 1946.
Joel Swindlehurst, the historian of the 463rd Bomb Group was instrumental in getting the Post Mission Interrogation Reports, Missing Air Crew Reports, and anything else we have asked.  He is a great resource.
Bomb Strike Photos courtesy of Eileen Kinsella, daughter of George Kinsella, 774th squadron, and the 463rd Bomb Group.
I would also like to thank my advisor/mentor Dr. Marshall Jones for making this possible.
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