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The McCracken Brothers

Harry's Letter to Eva II



We already planned a big reunion when the war is over.

     I had the experience of eating a meal that the boys eat in their camp.  It was okay but I would get kind of tired eating the same thing for a year.

     You know, Eva, I imagine you all will be a little disappointed that one thing about Milt.  He has learned to smoke and I don't mean maybe.  He read some letters I got & he got a big kick out of reading Anna's letters saying that she would send me a cablegram when she learned that Milt was liberated.

     I took some pictures of us and one of Bud.

     Boy are we having crazy weather.  It snowed all day today but didn't stay.

     The first night I saw Milt we smuggled him out of camp and fed him a bacon & egg supper.  Then he took a bath and I gave him a new outfit of clothes.

     We've been very fortunate to stay in this town and be with Milt so long.  We've been traveling pretty

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