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Inter-Family Letters

This Lettter was Written from Bud's Wife, Margie, to Gene Farrow's Mother

Titusville, Penna

Aug. 10, 1944


Dear Mrs. Farrow,

     Today I received a letter from Milt McCracken's sister--Mrs. E. ___________ and she said that Gene was back in Italy.  That sounds so wonderful, I just hope that I have the right news.  She also said "Lucky" the co-pilot was back, and several weeks ago I received a telegram from June Lackey, telling me that she had had a 

letter from the chaplain saying that Pat was back.  I think that's so wonderful.


     Monday I received Bud's address from the gov't, he is in Stalag Luft III, that's a very large airmen's camp.  I'm so happy that I finally received it, I know writing letters will help him a lot, and it makes me feel so  much better too.  And I will be able to send him a box every 60 days.





Bud is in the same camp as Milt.  I wish they could be together.  I think that would make things much easier for both of them.


     I hope you have had good news bout Gene.  I will be anxiously waiting to hear from you.




                                             Mrs. D.F. Poulson

                                             320 N. Martin St.

                                             Titusville, Penna.

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