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The News Gets Home

"The 2nd Letter"

Harry and Anna discuss the 2nd Letter


Dear Earl Family,

Received your letter yesterday so will answer it now that I have time.  I am okay and hope you are all in the best of health. 

Well, all the news is pretty good.  I guess a few days should end things over here.  The news about Milt is old by now I guess.  Gee, I sure was happy to get the chance to take him out of that camp.  Seemed like a dream.  Ever since I came over here I tried to convince myself that someday I'll meet him and sure enough I did. 

He looks darn good.  A little older from when I last saw him though.  It was two years and a half since I saw him last.


we have electricity, so we can keep up with the news with our liberated radio.

I've been wondering what they'll do with us now that this section is cleaned out. Possibly China, huh?

I finally found a pistol.  It's an Italian beretta 38 cal.  It shoots pretty good.  I'm just hoping I can get it home.  It's something like our army's 45s only smaller.  It will make a nice souvenir.  I gave Milt a little .25.  It fits in the palm of your hand.  I have to get a clip for it somewhere.  Boy, we've been having some ugly weather for a while.  It snowed a couple days ago--sure was miserable.  I hope Milt was okay.  I mean warm enough.  They were living in large tents and when I saw



him last, he didn't expect to leave for about 7 to ten days--that was on the 1st.  I'd sure like to go back and see if he's still there.  We're not to far from him. The only thing--we may move while I'm away and that wouldn't be good.

You know Earl, it really doesn't seem like the war's over over here.  All the guys are just acting normal.  Heck, there's no place to go to celebrate anyway.  

How is Edna, Louise, Don, and Ester? Tell them all I said "hello".

By the way, do you ever see Art or Anne? They never write to me.  I wrote to them quite some time agobut no answer.  Maybe he's busy with his farm, huh?


Our mail has been sort of screwed up for some time  We've been getting very little.  It should catch up with us now that we won't be moving about so much.  Well, Earl news is rather scarce so I'll close for this time. 

Til Later  So Long

Love to all

Brother Harry

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