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The McCracken Brothers

 April 30, 1945

10:00 p.m.

Dearest Mom,

     Well, here's that son again.  How's everything?  I just came from seeing Milt.  He stayed in camp tonite because they are starting to send them back and I wouldn't want to slow him any.  I'll try and see him in the morning if we don't move on before.

     I'll tell you the full story of our meeting.  We moved into a town where I saw a lot of freed menso I inquired and found out that Stalag VII A was located here so our Major and I goes out to the camp.  We went to one office to try to find a register but couldn't find one but we were directed to the air corp section  so we went to that main office.  The Colonel took Milt's name and said he'd announce it at revielle in the morning of today and then if Milt was there he'd have him report to the office at 9 A M and I could see him.  So we left the office.  On the way out, I was tlaking to a boy when Milt came up to me.  Gee mom, you sure had two happy sons.  I can't describe how he looked to me, but it's something I'll never forget as long as I live. 

     I thought he was going to pass out because of overjoy.  Well, then we got him out of the camp (through unfair means).  He was A.W.O.L.  the first night he was free.  Ha ha.  I lent him my jacket and steel helmet so the guards figured he was one of our boys.  We talked all last night and really enjoyed ourselves.  He showed me his diaryand I showed him the letters I had and my pictures.  He told us of his experiences which were ver interesting as you'll find out in a few weeks.  I met his buddies today and ate a prison meal.  I spent all evening in the camp.  All the boys are real happy.  I got them a loaf of white bread.  Heck, they didn't even want to eat it; they said the looks of it was good enough for them.  Bud Poulson showed me his wife's picture and said that it was his morale builder.

     I tried to get Milt's attitude toward Betty but I never told him about her.  I don't think he'll mind it too much though.  Oh, and by the way, he got some mail from you all today.  He had a couple letters from you, Mae, Anna, & Edgar.  They were writtne in Sept., Oct, Nov, & Dec. 6 was the last.  I read all of them.  Sure was an experience to be able to get behind those barb wired fences and then walk out again.  Milt is living in a large tent, not too bad.  He took a bath here today and I gave him a brand new change of clothing and shoes.  I must have known I'd meet him because I've been carrying those clothes for a long time.

     I sure wish I could see the reception at home now.  I took pictures of him and _____________ us and the newspaper also took pictures of him and probably will make a column out of it.  There was another brother who met his brother too and believe it or not their name was none other than McCracken also.  Isn't that a coincidence?

     Tell the rest I'll write as soon as I get a chance.  I didn't want to spend time writing while I could be seeing Milt.  I know I'll be excused.  Your worries are over now.

     Well, mom, it's a little late so I'll close for tonite and write to Dorie.  So goodnight and loads of love and kisses always. 

                                                  Your son and liberator (haha)



P.S. God bless you and keep you for us forever



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