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The McCracken Brothers

Harry's Letter to Eva I

May 1, 1945

Dearest Sis Eva,

     Well, Sis, my long awaited dream has come true.  We found Milt just as I said I would.  Gee!  I can't express the feeling.  It's just something out of this world.  I've been with him 2 days now.  I saw him just a little while ago.  Soon he'll be on his way home, then every one will be happy.  He looks small, honest.

     I have been in the camp quite often because he isn't allowed out.  They are planning the evacuation of them and he didn't want to miss out on anything.  I could go on and tell you everything about him but, I'll let him do that.  I told Mom all the details of our meeting.   It's quite a story so I won't write it again.  It would fill this paper. 

     I'll bet every one was surprised to hear that we freed Milt.  There sure was a bunch of men there.  They announced on the radio that there was 100,000.  The 99th sure can do things unexpectedly, huh?

     I have seen all the gang.  Poulson, Gampel, Davis, and a few others from Milton's gang.  Sure a swell bunch. 


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