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The McCracken Brothers

V-Mail from Harry to Eva (Sister)

Dear Earl and Family,

     I received your v-mail letters a few days ago so will attempt to answer them.  I am fine and hope you are all in the very best of health and happiness.  Things around here are pretty dull at present.  I don't like it to well because the time goes too slow.  We play ping-pong , Volley-ball, and Softball to put in some of the time.  We have a softball league and our team is sitting up on top of the pile. 

     I don't think we'll have to much trouble staying there, either.  That is, if we keep on playing as we have been.  The only thing is that we can't get any equipment.  They keep telling us that it's on its way, but we have never seen any as of yet.  We have a real nice swimming pool, but the weather doesn't permit us to go swimming, it's to darn cold.  I never seen such screwy weeather.  It doesn't even get dark until about eleven o'clock.

    I guess everyone is trying to figure out what's up for us guys now.  Well, it's this way, we hardly know ourselves.  We're on temporary occupation now.  Hard telling how long it will last.  We are in the area of Bad Kissingenin Southern Germany under the Third Army.  The last action we saw was at Moosburg.  We forced a crossing at the Isar River and then advanced about 16 miles.  We, then, got orders to cease all operations.  That was on 2 May 1945.  

     I was glad to hear that you finally received the news about Milt.  Only I couldn't figure out why my detailed letters didn't get through.  They must be through by now.  I took a few pictures of him too, but the printing facilities are so poor over here that I haven't gotten the prints back yet.  He should be well on his way home by now.  They seem to think, at home, that he won't be sent overseas again, but, I think, they'll be mistaken, unless things brighten up over in the Pacific.

     Now, about the points.  Our's are a little indefinite as yet due to the Battle star deal.  We have three so far.  Then I have a purple heart, 29 months service, and 7 overseas.  That makes 56 points so far.  I may end up with 5 more in a few days. 

     I guess the 99th did confuse the people for awhile, as to what army they were in.  It's this way.  We were in the 1st up til the Ruhr pocket was cleaned out.  Then we were assigned to the Third for a few days.  After that we were again assigned to the Seventh.  About a week later, we were transferred back to the Third and we're still with them.  While in England, we were in the Ninth Army so that means we were in every American Army in the STO.

     Give my best to Edna, Louise, Ester and Don.  I'd sure like to get Don a helmet, but, in this area, I haven't even seen any.  I wish I'd had known earlier.  They don't let stuff like that lay around very long.

     It looks like we may have little scraps over this way if the French and Tito doesn't settle down.  Those French sure getting brave all of a sudden, especially after the way they threw in the towel when Germany was knocking at their gates. 

     Well, I can't think of anything else to write about so I'll close for this time and write a few more notes.

                                                    Love to All,

                                                    Brother Harry



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