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The McCracken Brothers

Harry's Letter to Eva III

fast.  The camp is about a mile from town.

     Here is something that was really something.  One of our tanks drove through the camp and all the prisoners began to cry for joy.  Then when "Old Glory" was raised.  Well, it was just undescribable.  All the men were like little babies.  It's a scene I'll never forget.  You can call us "linerators" now instead of "Battle Babies".  Ha ha.

     Milt got a few letters yesterday.  One told about the $18.75 gift for his birthday.  He couldn't figure it out so I told him what it was. 

     That news you read about our Div. was right.  That was in the Ruhr.

     Well Sis, I'll close for this time & hit the hay.  Give my best to John & Dorothy.

                                      Goodnight & loads of love,

                                      Your brother liberator



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