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Inter-Family Letters

This Letter is From Eva (Milton's, the Left Waist Gunner,  Oldest Sister) to Gene Farrow's (Engineer) Mother.

Sept. 4th (1944)

Dear Friend,

     Received your letter and thanks a million for the picture.  That was lovely of you to send it.  I appreciate pictures so much.  I've been collecting so many of late and need a new album and a day to put them in the album.

     Here is one of Mother Dorothy and I taken last Winter.  We always took pictures to send the boys in the service.  So I was pelting them with snowballs

to make them laugh, so the boys would think we were having a good timeand not always worrying.  The boys enjoyed the snow scene.

     This other picture Jimmie may like.  Milton took it just before they left Florida.  Was the only one he sent.  He had his camera with him in Italy.  We wonder if it will be among his things when we get them.

     Still no letter for Mother from him.  She was a little disappointed that she hasn't received a letter

of her own but, it's just one of those things that happens.  We are so happy word came from him as it did and we can just hope a letter comes soon for Mother & she will feel better.  She didn't resent him writing to the girl.  It was just something we didn't expect to happen.  And you know how Moms are.  I sometimes think they should always come first, but, I feel sure he wrote her as soon as he poosily could & it just didn't come through.  I'll enclose a copy of his letter and you will agree with that I think.  It's

stated in his letter.

      Will let you know when we hear.  The news are grand.  Maybe they will be released sooner than we expected.  I have a fear of them massacring our boys when they see they are defeated.  I mean the Germans.  They keep telling me how here not to think that but they are so meanand blood thirsty for revenge.  I hope nothing like that happens.

     I hope Gene gets home soon.  He looks so different on this picture than on the ones taken in Italy.  Is it because he is smiling & because of the cap?

     Thanks again for this picture.

                                                              As Ever,

                                                               Eva G.

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