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Inter-Family Letters

Families of the POWs Kept in Touch,
These are Their Letters

May 30, 1944

My Dear dear Justice and Family,


Edna phoned us the sad news about Gene, and only hope that instead of being missing he is waiting in some jungle, to be found.  My heart aches for you at this time and there is so little I can do for you, as I'm still in bed - but I can say a few prayers my dear and ask God to give you strength and courage to carry on--is was what Gene wanted to do.  And if he gave his all, his friends are very proud of him.  He was a "grand kid" and I only hope he will receive his just reward.

Everyone liked Gene.

This war is aweful, and it surely brings it home, when we loose one so dear to us all.  Well Justice & family, our deepest sympathy and my sincere love to you and yours.

                                     As Ever, Your Pal, Lucile

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