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Inter-Family Letters

This is Another Letter Written from Margie Poulson to Gene Farrow's Mother

June 21, 1944


Dear Mrs. Farrow,

     Although you don't know me, I am acquainted with Gene, and Bud my husband is on the same crew.  He is the radio-man.  I received your address from Kay Andersen, when she spent last week with me.

     I was at Tampa and Lakeland with Bud, and Gene came in quite after with him.  He's such a nice kid.

     I have been wondering if you have received word

that Gene is a German prisoner.  I received a telegram June 8, but as yet I haven't received his address.  So I have ________ to look forward to.

     This morning I received a letter from one of the ground crew.  He said they were coming from a raid when several engines were shot out and they "ditched" the plane.  He also said they had received word that they were all prisoners and O.K.--except one--and one

of the crew was in the "Underground Farres".  But I don't know how he would ever find that out.  But I'm so glad to know their O.K.  I really think--if the Germans treat them well--they are better off than flying on these missions every day.

     "Mac", from Pittsburgh, is also a prisoner, and Saturday his folks received his address.

     And they have heard that Stanley Gampel, the bombadier, is

also a prisoner.

     I will be so glad when this thing is over, and they're all back--as is everyone else.

     I will close now, hoping to hear from you soon.

                                                Yours Truly,



Mrs. Deyrell Poulson

320 N. Martin St.

Titusville,  Penna

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