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Partisan Rescue

Partisan Rescue


July 22nd, 1944

On 10 May, over the target of Weiner Neustadt, Austria, hits by flak knocked out the hydraulic system and so severely damaged the #1 engine of this B-17 that the pilot feathered the propeller.  The #3 engine later cut out when flak tore open the oil tank.  The formation was lost near Zagreb when #2 engine began to run away, and #4 engine was only pulling 20" Hg.  They were now losing altitude at the rate of 1,000 ft/min so the pilot told the crew to get ready to bail out. Lt. Luckey and Sgt. Farrow were going through the bombay to check up on the situation in the waist (where Staff sgt. John S. Davis was slightly wounded in the leg) when the alarm system shorted out.  They both immediately bailed out through the bombays believing the signal to jump had been given.  Lt. Lackey then gave over the interphones the order to bail out.  All got out.

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