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Partisan Rescue

Partisan Rescue Interrogation

July 22nd, 1944

The pilot observed the plane to crash and explode. 


(3) Seven in enemy hands.


(4)   Lt. Luckey and Sgt. Farrow landed 10 miles east of Zagreb. Contacting each other within 2 hours.  Both had met partisans very soon after landing and were then taken to a division headquarters where they remained for four days.  

In their company was a Russian liasion officer and two companions of partisans.

From there, the two men were guided to another headquarters.


(5) Lt. Lackey near Karlovac and was in the hands of the partisans at once.  He was immediately taken to the divisional headquarters where he joined Lt. Luckey and Sgt. Farrow on  21 May.  While enroute, the partisans told him that the ustachi had captured six members of his crew mortally wounding one as he chuted down. 


(6) The three were taken through Topusko to Topseesco to Glina.  Seven days later they crossed the Una River below Bosnovi arriving at Podrucje on the 31st of May.  On 12 July they were moved through Glamoc to the landing strip from which they were evacuated on 21 July. 



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